The Diversity Visa Program intends to ‘diversify’ the immigrant population of America, encouraging people from those countries who have very a less residency ratio compared to that of other immigrants. This program is an ideal way of receiving a permanent legal resident permit to live, study and work in the US. Under the DV Program, 50,000 applicants are granted Green Cards every year, allowing them free movement in and out of America.

How it Works

The DV Program involves a simple but strict eligibility criterion. Every applicant needs to meet two requirements to register – the person should be from one of the countries that qualify under the DV Program, and he/she should fulfil the work/educational requirements mentioned under this program. The US State Department grants 50,000 green cards to immigrants who can then proceed to visa issuance. This program grants permanent resident visas to applicants every year. Holding a green card will not affect an immigrants’ native citizenship. It is possible to hold both a Diversity Visa and the citizenship documents of one’s home country.

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What is the DV Visa Program?

Diversity Visa or DV Program is an initiative by the United States under which permanent resident visas are granted to 50,000 applicants from all over the world. This selection is based on a random computer-generated process conducted by the US State Department. The chosen 50,000 immigrants are granted green cards allowing them to live, study and work in the US.

Several plans were devised and came into effect under the Diversity Visa (DV) Program. The purpose of the initiative is to allow people from countries which have a low immigration rate to the US in the last five years. As a result, the immigrant population of America diversifies.

Under the DV Visa Program, the US grants 50,000 ‘green cards’ to the applicants who then can become permanent legal residents of US. Green card holders can live, work and study in America as any other citizen of the US. Applicants therefore get a chance to permanently live in the US and at the same time hold citizenship of their native country as well. Green card holders can even work in the government and public sector.

Applicants from a country which has sent over 50,000 immigrants to the US in the past 5 years are not eligible to apply for a diversity visa. Additionally, the number of immigrants chosen from a single country does not exceed 7% of the total.
The eligibility requirements for people to become applicants are simple but strict. One needs to be a native of one of the countries that qualify for the program and hold specific educational/work requirements as stated by the authorities.

The DV Visa Program is a good opportunity for those who wish to live, study or work in the US.

The Official DV Program benefits:

  • 50,000 applicants receive permanent legal resident visas every year.
  • Green card holders get the opportunity to live, study and work in America.
  • Freedom to move in and out of the US.
  • Chance to lead a life just as any other US citizen.
  • Simple and easy registration process.
  • Equal chances for every applicant to receive green card.
  • Personal support and guidance every step of the process with our website.
  • Expert assistance on various aspects with our services.

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